Official KWS Token Contract (BEP-20): 0x5D0E95C15cA50F13fB86938433269D03112409Fe

Official MRE Token Contract (BEP-20): 0xFccbe6F79E36a92c606774221F3Ec44E10c92ED3

Play-To-Earn Mechanism In Knight War The Holy Trio

💰Today, we will explain to you how to earn income in Knight War The Holy Trio, the first-ever Idle Defense blockchain game.

>>Earning With NFT Weapons:  NFT can be used to progress further in the game or can be traded for real money via the Marketplace. Please note that if you want to craft an NFT, you will have to pay a fixed fee of 500 KWS.

>>Earning With MRE:  Players with at least 1 NFT Weapon will be able to earn 150 MRE daily while free-to-play players can earn up to 25 MRE. The MRE trading feature on the Marketplace is expected to be released on December 15th, 2021.

>>Earning With KWS: KWS is one of our 2 tokens and it can be earned through Campaign Mode and the Boss Hunt feature in the game.

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