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Official MRE Token Contract (BEP-20): 0xFccbe6F79E36a92c606774221F3Ec44E10c92ED3

The Big Move: Join Our Discord Sever

👋Hello Warriors,

💭 After much consideration, the Knight War Team has decided to switch to Discord as our main social media platform to share our latest news with you guys from now on!

👉 With this transition, we aim for more organized communication with our community through topic-based chat channels.

🎉 To celebrate this move and welcome players to our Discord server, we are hosting an event where people can meet fellow Knight War players and earn some rewards. Here’s how to join:

>>Step 1: Go to this link to join our Discord now -> 

>>Step 2: Go to your country’s community channel and leave a comment saying “Hi Knight War. I’m (your name)”.

>>Step 3: Take a screenshot of your comment and send it to the “║🎁-ongoing-event” channel along with 1 number of your choice.

>>Step 4: Fill in this link for verification:

💰 We will randomly choose 20 players to win 1000 KWS.💰 

See you in our Discord! 

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