Official KWS Token Contract (BEP-20): 0x5D0E95C15cA50F13fB86938433269D03112409Fe

Official MRE Token Contract (BEP-20): 0xFccbe6F79E36a92c606774221F3Ec44E10c92ED3

The Official Game has been released

🎉It is finally here! The official version is live now. You can click the Download button to install the game

💠The Official Game release is also the most important milestone on our roadmap this year and the team has been working very hard to achieve this.

☠️Note that today, the Boss Hunt feature is still the demo version where players can test out the Bosses with your formations.

💰The first Official Boss Hunt Event will take place at 10:00 UTC 02/12/2021.

👉How To Install And Log In To Game: Link

👉Twitter Post here.

✊ Wake Up, Warriors!